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If you would like to become a member of this forum so you can post your own questions and answer other members' posts then here is how to do it!
We suggest you copy and paste the instructions into a Word document so you can refer to it throughout the registration process. It is a bit fiddly but doesn't take too long, needs only to be done one time...and you may learn a few Swedish words as you go!

Ok. At the top of this page are a series of links.
Click on "Bli medlem" (Become a member)
Read the Forum Conditions (English version is beneath the Swedish version)
Click on either:
Jag accepterar villkoren och är över eller exakt 13 år
(I accept these terms and am over 13 years of age)
Jag accepterar villkoren och är under 13 år
(I accept these terms and am under 13 years of age)
Jag går inte med på de här villkoren
(I do not accept these terms)

If you accept the terms you will be directed to a page where you enter your registration, profile and settings details.

Registreringsinformation: (Registration Information)
Användarnamn: (Username)
E-postadress: (Email address)
Lösenord: (Password)
Bekräfta nytt lösenord: (Confirm password)
Bekräftelsekod: (Verification code)
Enter the code exactly as you see it. The code is sensitive to uppercase/lowercase letters, and zero has a diagonal strike through it.
Hur mycket är fem + fyra?: (How much is five + four?): Enter "nio" (nine)

Profilinformation: (Profile Information)
Hemsida: (Homepage)
Ort: (Location)
Yrke/sysselsättning: (Occupation/Employment)
Intressen: (Interests)
Signatur: (Signature) - This is a piece of text that can be added automatically to the end of all messages you post. The signature cannot be longer than 300 characters. Many members write their child's name and age (ie: Charlotte, born Dec 28, 2006) (Please write the birth date in this format so that there are no misunderstandings)

Inställningar: (Settings)
"Ja" is "Yes"; "Nej" is "No"

Visa alltid min e-postadress: (Always show my e-mail address)
Dölj min onlinestatus: (Hide my online status)
Underrätta mig alltid via e-post vid svar: (Notify me via email when someone replies to a topic where I have written or replied) This can also be set individually at each post you make
Underätta mig via e-post vid nytt personligt meddelande: (Notify me via email when I receive a personal message from another member)
Öppna ett nytt fönster vid nytt personligt meddelande: (Open a new window at the new personal message)
Infoga alltid min signatur: (Always insert my signature)
Ha alltid BBCode aktiverat: (Always have BBCode enabled)
Ha alltid HTML aktiverat: (Always have HTML enabled)
Ha alltid smilies aktiverade: (Always have smilies enabled)
Forumspråk: (Forum Language) - Choose "English"
Forumstil: (Forum Style)
Tidszon: (Time zone)
Datumformat: (Date format)

Click "Skicka" (Send). You will receive a confirmation email (check your junk box if you don't see it), click on the confirmation link and you are set to go!

When you are a member and log in under your Username most of the navigation buttons around the site will be in English. As will your profile section. So as long as you have selected "English" in the forum language section as you register you will not need to refer back to these instructions.

Once you have registered, each time you want to log in, go to the top of the Messageboard page and press "Logga In". You will then be directed to a page where you enter your Username and Password.
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