Baby keeps standing up

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Baby keeps standing up

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I was recommended this approach by my Swedish friend and I have decided to try it as my husband and I were suffering from lack of sleep and it was really affecting us.

Our son is 10 months old and since 1-2 months ago he started to wake up in the middle of the night and would only sleep if he was with us in our bed. Even for naps I would have to lie down with him.

I started the cure last night and he eventually fell asleep (in his bed) and woke up at 11am (awake for 1 hour), 1am where he went to bed quickly after a quick pat, and then at 4.30am where he didn’t fall asleep for 1 hour.

But I have some questions -

1. When I leave the room he ends up standing up - should I go back into the room so he gets back into the lying down position or wait for him to just sit down himself and say the jingle outside of the room? (Which seems to take a long time). Last night at this kept happened for one hour and I kept going in and out

2. Should I say the jingle 3x every time I enter his room? (When I stop patting, standing up, and about the leave the room) and once outside the door?

3. If he’s hysterical after buffing for just few times, should I keep buffing or stop?

4. How many times should I enter his room - last night I went in 8 times for the 11pm and 5 times at 4.30am

4. During the nap, he would nearly fall asleep and then I say the jingle which actually wakes him up and makes him hysterical so I have to buff so I have to buff him again. Is this normal? (I am afraid to say the jingle at nap time in case it stops him from falling asleep).

Thank you so much for your help.

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Re: Baby keeps standing up

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Hi and welcome to us.

First of all can you add you childs birthday in your signature in this forum, it makes it easier for us to keep track of his ages as this thread gets longer.

Also curious how much you have studied the cure. Have you read the GNS book at least 5 times? That is always our recommendation so that you have the foundations down pat. It will make our dialogue here easier and you will get better results.

Does he sleep on his tummy?
Alone in a pitch-black room?
When does he eat and sleep, can you write down his schedule?

1. After the "15 min of laughter" you should plopp him down in bed on this tommy, and you should get out of there in 2 seconds, jingling on your way out. If he is not able to lie down himself, practice that in the daytime.

2. You jingle when you leave the room not enter the room. Walk briskly towards the door, start jingle when you leave the *room and finish outside the door.

3. What does hysterical mean? Truly "I cant stop by my self" or "Angry that you are not picking me up"? Its ok to be angry.

4. As few as possible, the goal is none.

5. It means he hasn't understood the jingle.......yet. So lot more work needed. They way you make it work is by saying it more.

hugs Tin :heart:
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